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Charitable Giving

As a downtown Saratoga Springs business for more than 70 years, N. Fox Jewelers has always been committed to helping local charitable organizations. Due to the loyalty of our customers, we are able to budget a defined amount each year dedicated to charitable giving in our community. See below for a list of organizations we have recently supported.

Due to an increase in the volume of charitable requests we ask that when seeking a donation of any kind that you complete the following online form a minimum of 6 weeks before your deadline. This will ensure each request is given equal consideration. We are sorry that we cannot support all the worthy causes who make requests.

* Requirements – Your organization must be a registered 501(c) not-for-profit within the Capital Region. Preference is given to Saratoga County organizations. Please note that no requests will be considered by phone and no information will be accepted during business hours. Thank you for your commitment to your organization and we wish you fundraising success.

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