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Corporate Logo Timepieces

For many years we have partnered with Belair Time Corporation to offer you our Fox404 watches. So delighted with the quality of these finely made timepieces, we are now promoting customized dials to our corporate customers. A major producer of specialty custom dial watches, Belair is the ideal supplier for all corporate, longevity, and promotional award timepieces. Watches are the perfect presentation item for your company or organization. Their experienced art department will work to create an exceptional custom dial that you will be proud to wear.

1390944509_Complex Multi-Color Logo

Complex & Multi-Color Logos

Multi-color corporate and award logos can be produced on almost any of our watches. We can print up to 7 colors on a watch dial to create a stunning image. We can help you choose the right model, based upon the available dial space for printing and the size and complexity of your corporate or award logo.

1390944525_Die Struck Medallion

Die-Struck Medallion Dials

When intricacy of detail and extreme high quality are required, a Die-Struck Medallion dial is your most elegant choice. The end result is a beautiful presentation piece of outstanding quality and value.

1390944537_Multi-Color Logo

Color Imprints

Color imprints can be added to the dial. We can even add color to the entire background of the dial.

1390944525_Diamond Accents

Diamond Accents

We can place one or more genuine diamonds on your dial.

1390944509_Complex Imprint

Complex Imprints

You can create a stunning specialty watch with just one color.