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VIVA LA GIOIA is the first brand specialized in tennis jewelry made from 1KTGOLD® with natural diamonds & gemstones. Giving new life to the classic tennis bracelet, VIVA LA GIOIA brings you elegance, innovation and up-to-date style through a colorful and trendy collection inspired by joy and positivity.

VIVA LA GIOIA gets its inspiration from the beautiful colors of each region in Italy and the Mediterranean coast. From the spectacular views of steep mountain cliffs and the stunning turquoise sea & sky, to its multicolored towns, boats and buildings… all of them fascinating! These splashes of colors are represented in our gemstones, radiating the magnificent light from the beautiful views.


1ktGOLD® provides a brilliant response to strict demand of the new generations, combining with expertise, luxury and accessibility in the same metal. WHAT IS 1ktGOLD®? 1ktGOLD® is an alloy composed of 1 karat of gold, silver and other metals. It is available in the traditional yellow, white and pink gold colors and has as much brilliance, allure and softness as 18kt gold.


As we appreciate the value of all that is genuine and real, we set all of our tennis bracelets solely with natural diamonds and gemstones as specified in the Natural Diamonds and Gemstones stamp. VIVALAGIOIA® offers a wide range of multicolor topaz and black spinels, giving an extraordinary brilliance, intense color and genuine beauty. The uniqueness of each stone and the perfection of its round shape make every jewel your own little treasure.

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