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Thank You from Jen

byronHi Harvey and Matt,

I’ve been meaning to write sooner, but I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping me find the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé.  I was able to wait from October to December to pull off my Rockettes-New York City plan. She said YES and she loves the ring! Attached is a picture of us on Top of the Rock in NYC a few minutes after I proposed.

We’ll have to stop by the store sometime to say hi, say thanks in person, get the ring polished and maybe look at wedding bands!

Thanks again,
Bryon and Maria

Bryon and Maria

(Justin Torner/Freelance) www.justintornerphotography.com(Justin Torner/Freelance) www.justintornerphotography.comHelen and I met six years ago in Saratoga Springs, which remains a very special place for the both of us. When it came to purchasing an engagement ring I knew that Saratoga Springs and specifically N. Fox Jewelers was where I would purchase the ring.

I had the privilege of working with Matt Howard, who made the entire experience one that was stress-free and very enjoyable. From the email correspondence to working with him in person, Matt was truly a friend and his advice was extremely valuable. My twin brother and I spent a lot of time with Matt in the store and the engagement ring was just perfect!
When it was time to propose to Helen, I had everything planned out and was very excited to propose.

(Justin Torner/Freelance) www.justintornerphotography.comWhen I got down on one knee, Helen was extremely surprised and excited. And she said “Yes!” We have not yet decided on the date of our wedding, however, without a doubt, we will be getting married in Saratoga Springs!

Mike & Helen


To Treasure for the Generations…

Kathryn White is pictured above with her two grandchildren and their spouses.
The parents are holding identical sapphire and diamond rings custom designed by N. Fox Jewelers

for their four daughters, now ages 2 ½, 5, 8 and 8.
The girls will receive their rings on their 21st birthdays accompanied
by the letter that follows.
N. Fox Jewelers sincerely thanks Kathryn and her family for giving us a glimpse into her family history

here on our website. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to custom design these rings for you.


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Kathryn White

Debbie, I don’t know if you remember me,  but you helped me immensely. I came in back toward the beginning of July and was incredibly nervous. You picked out the perfect ring after only looking at a picture and then helped me to find the perfect diamond to go along with it. You made the experience painless and incredibly easy. I looked to online to try to find somewhere to write a review and to let people know how much of a great help you were. My now fiancé loved the ring, cried a bunch of happy tears, and the two of us have heard nothing but compliments on the ring. I want to thank you for everything that you did. You made an important day as pain free and easy as possible, and helped to pick out the most perfect engagement ring. Please feel free to tell anyone you work with or any customers what I am saying, you deserve a mountain of credit. I can’t thank you enough and appreciate all of your help. Thank you!!


For several years I had been agonizing over where to take some family heirloom jewelry for cleaning and possible remounting. One day I got up the courage to wander into N. Fox and ask some questions. I was so pleasantly greeted by a classmate of mine that worked there. She made me feel so comfortable and gave me some wonderful ideas so I could more easily begin making decisions about the pieces I had collected from my grandparents. They transformed each piece into rings I will treasure for a lifetime and be proud to hand down to my children. One piece in particular was a combination of my grandfather’s wedding band and the diamond from my grandmother’s engagement ring. Combined I now have the delight of wearing a lovely vintage style grandparents ring! I could not be happier. Thank you N. Fox Jewelers.

J. Z.

My first piece of jewelry I bought for myself was from N. Fox and the sweet ladies who worked there in 1980. Just a simple, little gold chain but it was huge to me.

M. D.